Charity Events

Trivia Night sponsored by SNAP

Saturday, March 12 @ 6pm
ITOO Hall Peoria
4909 W Farmington Rd

For more information or to register: Email Us or call 309-235-2385

Illinois Assistive Technology Program

Charity ProfileWhat We Do to Help You

SNAP works with families and children to determine the equipment, resources, or services that would best promote child and family independence and quality of life.

What kind of Equipment?
SNAP is interested in finding ways to supply homes with equipment that increases a child's ability to gain mobility, communicate, and improve education.

What kind of resources?
SNAP can help your family learn about the disability that affects your child and recom mend methods that affect behavior and promote independence.

What kind of services?
SNAP will be a mentor to families by identifying financial assistance, grants, and pro grams designed to meet your circumstances.

How SNAP got started

We listened to the concerns of parents and teachers and discovered the need for an organization that helps families take care of children with special needs. Most children with special needs have access to specialized equipment and resources at school, but lack what they need to con-tinue development at home.

This is where SNAP comes in! Our Purpose is to help children with special needs and their families obtain the resources and services which will help in their unique journey through life.

How To Receive Assistance

1. Qualify. In order to be considered for SNAP's assistance, a potential candidate must be between the ages of 3 and 21 with a diagnosed physical or cognitive disability. Priority attention is applied to applicants with a low income status.

2. Apply. Download and complete the Application, and send it to or mail to 971 E Monroe Street, Morton IL 61550.

3. Candidate Screening and Selection. A SNAP representative will contact you to review your application and determine if and how SNAP can provide assistance to your child and family.

4. Recipient Assistance Planning. Once selected, SNAP will work with you to develop a plan and timeline which outlines the ideas, resources, and events designed to assist you.

5. Implementation. SNAP and your family will work together to improve the independence and quality of life in your home.

Charity Profile

Special Needs Assistance Program was established in October 2009 as a non for profit organization under section 501(c) of the IRS code. This organization was started by teachers touched by the needs of their special education students and families.