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Trivia Night sponsored by SNAP

Saturday, March 12 @ 6pm
ITOO Hall Peoria
4909 W Farmington Rd

For more information or to register: Email Us or call 309-235-2385

Illinois Assistive Technology Program

Our ProjectsCommunication For Cody

"Dear SNAP organization,

Thank you so much for all of your hard work in obtaining Cody's computer with a touch-screen monitor. He loves it! We are using it to place real-life pictures on his DynaVox device. This way he can access and choose the pictures he wants on his board using the BoardMaker software. We have also loaded some counting and matching games on the computer and he can use this for some recreation time.

Your efforts have brought Cody some much needed independence and more importantly the ability to choose. This is so important. We hope you continue to grow and reach more families.

Thank you again!
-The Palma Family"


Please join us at Old Chicago on the Riverfront @6pm on June 23rd to present Cody with his computer and to celebrate SNAP meeting our first goal! SNAP will receive 10% of all sales from 4pm-10pm.

SNAP has been working to provide Cody with a touch screen computer which will allow him to effectively and independently communicate with family and friends. Cody is 17 years old and has Cri du Chat (cree do shaw) - a genetic disorder that effects his physical and mental abilities. For more information on Cri du Chat go to For more information on Cody go to Projects.

Read a touching letter written by Cody's mom that describes why it is important for Cody to have adaptive technology in his life. Cody's Story

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